In the state of Michigan, there are approximately 13,000 children in foster care. Roughly 20% of those youth who age out of foster care at age 18 end up homeless. Most have no supportive adult to help them navigate the challenges of transitioning to independent living. Everyone needs a family and a home, even when they turn 18. The lack of stability and social support perpetuates crime and living below the poverty level.

This is true even of those not in the foster care system. A lack of support, financial and emotional well-being forces youth to the streets at an early age, floundering to make their way.

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The Dream Center is dedicated to helping support young men (ages 18-24) by providing resources for educational learning, job training, career placement, discipleship and a supportive community. The goal is for participants to graduate, practicing a healthy lifestyle that promotes and maintains self-sustainability.  Change a young man’s life you change the community.



Developing a community starts with developing people, but after offering education and employment, we cannot neglect or ignore the physical needs, most importantly, the need for quality, affordable housing. Dream Centers of Michigan is committed to meeting the housing needs of low-income families and individuals by offering multi-family units, renovating existing  homes and building new homes for ownership and equity in the Pontiac Community.




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