Changing Lives

Jordan was living on the move when he came in contact with the Dream Centers of Michigan. He was living between his brother’s house, his mentor’s home, and some nights he would just crash at different friend’s places. Although he was grateful for each household’s generosity, Jordan felt a need to leverage his time at each home so that he never became too much of a burden for any one of them. To add to his housing frustrations, Jordan was having a hard time finding a job that he could guarantee transportation to and from each day with his rotating housing situation and his lack of personal transportation. This was yet another area where he needed help as his main support system was already offering him housing support and couldn’t possibly stretch themselves any further. When his mentor, Kwan Howerton, mentioned that the Dream Centers of Michigan offered job searching assistance and transportation support, Jordan jumped at the opportunity. He showed up at the Life Skills Lab, filled out all the appropriate paperwork, updated his resume and began applying for some manufacturing positions with the help of our DC life skills volunteers.

Within two weeks, Jordan secured a job at Ralco Industries and began working on their first shift production line from 6:00 am – 2:30 pm each day. After working for a month and receiving transportation support through DC from various locations each morning, Jordan was able to arrange consistent housing through a family member where he could help with some of the bills and felt more comfortable as a contributing member of that household. In addition to that, Jordan attended a three-part financial literacy class through the Dream Center where he created a budget and began saving towards the purchase of his own car. Before he could buy a car, he still needed to get his license and learn how to drive and maintain a car. Jordan returned to the Life Skills Lab and received a study guide for the written driving test. After studying for a couple weeks, he passed his written exam and received his driving permit. As of today, Jordan is practicing driving to prepare for his driving exam, which he can take after having his permit for 30 days. He’s on track to have to have his license, purchase a vehicle and have it properly registered and insured within the next couple months.

Lastly, Jordan has a long-term dream of becoming a Police Officer and DC Life Skills team is now working with him to make a plan on how he can get there. Jordan’s work ethic and perseverance has shown that he’s willing to put in the work to succeed and it’s been a blessing to watch him grow and accomplish some of his goals. The Dream Center is so proud of what Jordan has accomplished and we’re excited that he’s partnering with us to help change his future and the future of his community. Jordan has also appreciated the partnership. In fact, he’s started coming to Sunday church service at Woodside Bible Church in Pontiac and has even brought some friends with him a couple times. This proves that the slogan of, “good works creates the goodwill to share Good News,” is in fact working and hearts are being penetrated through employment and housing programs.

Jordan Deanes
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