Pontiac Dream Center 2016

“Something amazing is happening here.”  Lorenzo Sewell, Pontiac Dream Center Director

Trunk or Treat 2014 1Spend a few minutes with Lorenzo Sewell and you’ll quickly learn why the Pontiac Dream Center is providing hope to families who desperately need it.

“When we first started serving the people of Pontiac, we learned we needed to listen to their stories. We did this for many months before launching the Dream Center on Easter 2014.

“The story of the Dream Center is really God’s story. He cares for the forgotten and disenfranchised. We believe we’ve been called to be a solution to Pontiac’s challenges.”

Caring for the people of Pontiac starts with meeting some basic human needs, Sewell says.

“Like the Good Samaritan, we have compassion for those in need. People should be fed and clothed. Thirty-four percent of Pontiac is functioning illiterate. We are helping meet these needs.”

Life Impact

Located on Auburn Road near Opdike, the Pontiac Dream Center is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization committed to building a resilient and self-sustainable community of people able to conquer life’s challenges. This is accomplished through a tapestry of human services, skills building and relationships to address hunger, poverty, addiction, education and human trafficking.

Hunger. We have a commercial kitchen that allows us to serve 400-500 meals weekly. On Thanksgiving, we provide Boxes of Love meals to the community. We also operate a food pantry to meet urgent needs.

Clothing. We run no-charge men’s and women’s clothing boutiques that provide gently worn clothes. We also operate the Warm Pontiac Coat Drive that provides thousands of coats to families.

Health. We operate medical and dental services to assist those with basic health needs.

Education. We offer elementary tutoring, literacy programs and computer classes.

Relationships. We encourage people through counseling, mentoring and fun family activities.

Future Impact: Pontiac Dream Park

Our vision for the Pontiac includes the creation of the Pontiac Dream Park, a place where families can go for fun, relaxation and community. Click here to learn more about the Pontiac Dream Park.

Success Stories

See how lives are being changed at the Dream Center by reading our Dream Centers Blog.

Volunteers Needed

The Pontiac Dream Center flourishes as we share God’s love through compassion. We have a big need for people to help with meals, clothing, tutoring and more. Click here to learn more.


Go behind the scenes to meet the people whose lives are being transformed at the Pontiac Dream Center. You’ll get a first-hand look into our vision, programs and resources. Email info@dcofmi.org to arrange for a tour.


Discover what the Dream Center is doing to help our community by inviting a representative to speak at your employee/church/civiPontiac Dream Center 2016c group meeting. We’ll share information on our programs and how we are fighting poverty, addiction and homelessness. Email info@dcofmi.org to arrange for a speaker.


We rely heavily on donations to operate our kitchen, computer classes, medical and dental programs. Click here to donate.


The Pontiac Dream Center is located at 830 Auburn Road, Pontiac, MI 48342.

Contact Us

Questions and comments can be directed to: Dream Centers of Michigan at info@dcofmi.org. Phone: 248-221-5747.